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02 March 2014

Meera Jasmine - Anil John Marriage 12 February 2014, Photos

Meera Jasmine got married on Wednesday 12 February 2014 with Anil John Titus.

Wedding ceremony of Meera Jasmine was held at the LMS Church near Palayam in Trivandrum on 12-2-14.

She is a Syrian Christhian and her real name is Jasmine Mary Joseph.

The marriage reception of Meera Jasmine - Anil John will be held at RDR auditorium in Edapazhanji.

Few days before the wedding Meera's husband Anil John came to court saying that his first wife and parents would try to create problems during his marriage, even though he was not married her legally and is now separated.

The Police would be offering protection to Meera Jasmine's wedding as she is a celebrity.

So based on chances of unexpected situations, Meera Jasmine's register marriage was done in a hurry on Wednesday 10-2-14 in the presence of clove relatives , before the actual wedding ceremony on 12-2-14.

 The most expected mollywood celebrity wedding of 2014 will be of malayalam actress Meera Jasmine.

Actress Meera Jasmine has been in the gossip columns for a long time after her love failure.

Anil John Titus is working at Dubai as software engineer and is a native of Trivandrum near Nandavanam and is the son of Titus and Sugatha Kumari.

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